CPED Awards

CPED offers several awards to recognize the accomplishments of its member programs, students and faculty. These awards include:

Program of the Year Award

The Program of the Year award will be given annually to one or more institutions whose CPED-influenced programs show themselves to be distinctive, innovative, and useful to other CPED members. In other words, this award is not intended to identify a so-called “best” program among CPED members, but rather offer evidence of a proofing site that lifts up and features a program’s approaches and components that might stimulate change and innovation among other CPED-influenced programs.

Dissertation in Practice of the Year Award

This prestigious award is given to an EdD graduate(s) whose Dissertation in Practice shows evidence of a scholarly endeavor that impacts a complex problem of practice and that aligns with the CPED Principles.

David G. Imig Distinguished Service Award

David G. Imig Distinguished Service award is presented in recognition of an individual who has demonstrated important contributions to the Vision and Mission of CPED and/or the reclaiming of the EdD as the highest quality professional practice doctorate in education.