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One of the most difficult areas to understand in the (re)design of EdD programs is the distinction and purpose of the dissertation in practice (a scholarly endeavor that impacts a complex problem of practice) from traditional dissertations. This EdD dissertation and capstone database supports: 

  • Faculty with dissertation (re)design,  

  • Students in understanding scholarly-practitioner research, and  

  • EdD graduates with resources on various problems of practice by offering examples* that provide: 

  1. Research Understanding:To learn more about what topics EdD students investigate and how their dissertations or capstones address complex problems of practice. 

  1. Review of Knowledge for Action: To understand how EdD students engage with literature to name and frame complex problems of practice. 

  1. Methodological Insights:To exam how scholarly practitioners have approached their inquiry as practice with insights into applied research methodologies, data collection, and analytical techniques. 

  1. Professional Development:To understand of a wide range of research on various problems of practice and how scholarly practitioners learn to address them. 

  1. Networking Opportunities:To facilitate networking opportunities among scholarly practitioners in the education community.  

*Note: not all EdD programs design dissertations to be distinctive from traditional formats, however, much can be learned from these examples in terms of improving the dissertation experience for professional practitioners in EdD programs.