New Governance & Operational Changes

CPED is excited to announce new governance and operational changes that will help CPED and its member institutions achieve our mission. Watch this short video announcement by CPED Executive Director Jill A. Perry to learn more:

Changes in CPED Governace from CPED Initiative on Vimeo.

The CPED Board of Directors has adopted new Bylaws and is implementing new governance changes.

The primary goals for these changes are:

• To enlist Deans of CPED Institutional Members more directly in shaping CPED’s future and its programs; 
• To create more meaningful and formalized opportunities for faculty and other representatives of Institutional Members to have a voice in our shared work.

Two new bodies are being established: 

The new Deans Council and Delegates Council are being established. While the Board of Directors remains the governing body, members of the new bodies will have opportunities to participate in CPED governance. 

Additionally, Institutional Members will continue to have opportunities to participate in the activities of the CPED Action Council which consists of chairs of CPED initiatives and works with the executive director in executing the priorities established by the Board and Deans Council.

Breakdown of responsibilities for the Deans Council and Delegates Council

Next Steps

Deans Council

  • Board of Directors is assembling

Delegates Council

  • By July 1: Identify institutional delegate 
  • By August 1: Nominations for Board of Directors representative 
  • By August 20: Vote for Board of Directors representative
    • Elected representative will participate in September Board of Directors meeting
  • By October 1: Assemble council and identity priorities

Learn More

Watch the video announcement and general overview of the new governance structure by CPED Executive Director Jill A. Perry.

Download the presentation slides and one-pager overview of the new governance structure.

Questions or comments may be addressed to CPED Executive Director Jill A. Perry at [email protected]