Revolutionizing Educational Leadership: The Transformation of the Ed.D. Program at California State University-San Bernardino

Revolutionizing Educational Leadership: The Transformation of the Ed.D. Program at California State University-San Bernardino

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advanced educational preparation, California State University-San Bernardino (CSUSB) has taken decisive steps to reshape its Ed.D. program, recognizing the imperative for academic rigor coupled with real-world impact. Guided by the principles of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) Framework, CSUSB has not only revitalized its program but also positioned it as a beacon of innovation and excellence in educational leadership.


Drawing upon the foundational principles outlined by CPED members, CSUSB has redefined its Ed.D. program with a focus on the following key concepts:

  • Scholarly Practitioner: Embracing the ethos of the scholarly practitioner, CSUSB's program instills a blend of practical wisdom and academic expertise. Students are equipped to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems of practice, rooted in principles of equity and social justice. Through collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including universities, educational institutions, and communities, graduates are empowered to drive meaningful change.

  • Signature Pedagogy: At the core of CSUSB's program lies a signature pedagogy characterized by deliberate, pervasive, and persistent teaching practices. Grounded in theory, research, and real-world challenges, this pedagogy cultivates habits of critical thinking and ethical decision-making essential for effective educational leadership. Students develop a professional stance underscored by a commitment to equity and social justice.

  • Inquiry as Practice: Inquiry serves as the cornerstone of CSUSB's Ed.D. program, fostering a culture of critical questioning and evidence-based problem-solving. Through rigorous research and analysis, students devise innovative solutions to complex problems of practice, grounded in empirical data and informed by theoretical frameworks.

  • Laboratories of Practice: CSUSB provides dynamic learning environments akin to laboratories of practice, where theory and practice converge to address real-world challenges. These settings facilitate hands-on experimentation and reflective analysis, allowing students to implement and assess the impact of their ideas in authentic educational contexts.

  • Dissertation in Practice: The Dissertation in Practice represents the culmination of students' scholarly endeavors, focusing on addressing a complex problem of practice. Grounded in rigorous research and informed by practical insights, this endeavor showcases students' ability to effect meaningful change in educational settings.

To operationalize these principles, CSUSB has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience and fostering a culture of academic excellence:

  • Tailored Mentoring and Advising: CSUSB prioritizes equity, mutual respect, and dynamic learning in its mentoring and advising practices. Students receive individualized support from program leadership, faculty mentors, community fellows fostering a collaborative and supportive community of learners.

  • Curriculum Enhancements: The program's curriculum has been redesigned to align with CPED principles, integrating theory and practice to prepare students for the challenges of educational leadership.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: CSUSB actively fosters connections with alumni, educational leaders, and community stakeholders through events and partnerships, enriching the student experience and expanding opportunities for collaboration and networking.

  • Ongoing Assessment and Evaluation: CSUSB maintains a commitment to continuous improvement through rigorous assessment and evaluation processes, ensuring the program remains responsive to evolving educational needs.

 By embracing the principles of the CPED Framework and championing a holistic approach to educational leadership, California State University-San Bernardino has reimagined its Ed.D. program as a catalyst for transformative change. Grounded in academic excellence, practical relevance, and a commitment to equity, CSUSB's program equips the next generation of educational leaders with the skills and insights needed to innovate and thrive in diverse educational contexts. 

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