POY 2023: From Transformation to Impact: EdD Programmatic Successes

Transform in Latin (tranformare) means to “change in shape, metamorphose.” The verb is a combination of “trans” which means across or to go beyond and “form” which means to shape, fashion, build (https://www.etymonline.com). Over the last 15 years of CPED, members have reshaped and refashioned the EdD to go beyond traditional doctoral preparation toward a professional practice doctorate. Members have also sought to prepare leaders who can transform their field of practice just as a PhD transforms their discipline (Council of Graduate Schools, 2006).

CPED 2022 Convening Call


2023 Program of the Year Award Nomination Call

The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) is pleased to invite submissions for the 2023 Program of the Year (POY) Award. This award is given to one or more outstanding CPED member institutions whose programming demonstrates excellence, innovation, impact, and alignment with the CPED Framework to promote continuous improvement within varied local contexts. We seek programmatic innovations that are noteworthy for you, that have been impactful for your institution and your students – and that you feel would benefit other CPED member institutions.