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Call for a Special Issue:  

The Role of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Doctoral Research and Writing

The purpose of this themed issue is to explore the role of generative AI within EdD programs. The introduction of a new set of generative AI tools is poised to transform how writing, teaching, and research are conducted. It is essential to ensure academic integrity while still providing students with guidance on the latest advances in AI. How can we maintain academic integrity while still providing students with guidance on AI tools? How does this impact how we teach research and dissertation writing, and how might this impact the form that dissertations take?

As a follow-up to the ongoing dialogue in prior CPED convenings and within the newly formed AI CIG, this themed issue intends to continue mapping the current landscape and the emerging challenges of the use of AI in dissertation research and writing.

We invite EdD students, faculty, and other colleagues to share their experiences, visions, and cautions regarding the possibilities of “using AI in the dissertation process” through articles that address the following questions:

● What is the landscape and dimensionality of the use of generative AI in EdD programs?

● How has the use of AI changed the process of research and writing approaches in dissertations?

● How has AI changed the process of the literature review in how students identify and evaluate literature related to their Problem of Practice?

● What are the ethical considerations related to the use of AI in research and writing?

● What are the copyright issues related to the use of AI in research and writing?

● What biases must be considered when using generative AI in research and writing?

● In what ways are scholarly practitioners integrating AI tools in the process of writing their dissertations? To what extent are such products replacing prior ways of conducting research?

● What are the risks and rewards of using generative AI in dissertation writing?

● How must EdD programs adjust curriculum and assessments given that generative AI will eventually have widespread adoption?

● How does AI impact recruiting and evaluating EdD students for acceptance into EdD programs?

Interested authors should submit a 500-word manuscript proposal by February 16, 2024, to the guest editors: Dr. Jim Dunnigan ([email protected]), Dr. Michael Kozak ([email protected]), Dr. Nicole Pearce ([email protected]), Dr. Harriette Rasmussen ([email protected]).

Please note that only research articles and essays will be accepted for this special issue. Specific requirements for each type of manuscript are detailed in the journal’s editorial policies. The use of generative AI for any written work must be cited as a generative AI source.

Authors will be notified of the editors’ decisions by March 8, 2024, and full manuscripts will be due for peer review beginning on May 3, 2024.