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Call for a Special Issue:  

The Present and Future of EdD Alternative Dissertations 

The purpose of this themed issue is to explore alternative dissertation formats within EdD programs.  When we think of an “alternative dissertation”, do we envision DiPs in contrast to the traditional 5-chapter format?  What other forms and functions of alternative dissertations–and dissertation alternatives–are emerging?  What does “alternative” look like across the EdD landscape?  

As a follow up to ongoing dialogue in CPED convenings and in this journal, this themed issue intends to continue mapping the current landscape and the emerging challenges of the shift away from traditional dissertation texts to new forms and functions.

We invite EdD students, faculty, and other colleagues to share their experiences, visions, and cautions regarding the possibilities of “doing dissertations differently” through articles that address the following questions:

  • What is the landscape and dimensionality of alternative dissertations and dissertation alternatives in EdD programs?
  • How has the rise of action/improvement-oriented inquiry reshaped the space for non-traditional methodologies and theoretical approaches in dissertation writing?
  • What are the alternatives to words on paper?  How are EdD programs opening creative artistic or digital mediums for the expression of student inquiry?
  • In what ways are scholarly practitioners integrating professional products within their dissertations?  To what extent are such products being seen as compliments to or replacements of traditional dissertation components?
  • How are dissertation writers and/or advisors navigating the unique risks and opportunities of alternative dissertations and dissertation alternatives?
  • How does the design of EdD programs open or limit possibilities for alternatives?
  • What beautiful questions and wicked problems do alternative dissertations and dissertation alternatives open for EdD programs?
  • In what directions might dissertations continue to evolve in EdD programs?  As EdD students push productively against traditional boundaries, have the outer edges of dissertation options come into view?

Interested authors should submit a 500 word manuscript proposal by February 16, 2024, to the guest editors (Vachel Miller: [email protected]; Chris Osmond: [email protected]; Star Brown: [email protected]).  

Please note that only research articles and essays will be accepted for this special issue.  Specific requirements for each type of manuscript are detailed in the journal’s editorial policies.  

Authors will be notified of the editors’ decisions by March 15, 2024, and full manuscripts will be due for peer review beginning on June 14, 2024.