Scholarly Practitioner Alliance CIG

scholarly practitioner alliance cigAbout the Scholarly Practitioner Alliance CIG 

The mission of the Scholarly Practitioner Alliance CIG is to act as a catalyst for EdD success by providing resources, network support and advocacy to, through, and beyond higher education.   

Our Pillars and Goals

  • Community 
    • Facilitate forums for building community using online and in-person methods. 
    • Highlight and celebrate the diversity each EdD member brings to the Alliance. 
    • Incite reflection around remaining individually authentic while aligning oneself to the work of a larger group. 
  • Connection 
    • Develop and maintain a curiosity of self, others, and our work.  
    • Discover a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to each other and the field by exploring cross-institutional best practices, tools, and resources. 
    • Sustain authentic conversation and civil discourse to retain belief in our shared humanity and diverse experiences 
  • Confidence 
    • Provide opportunities to expand competency as an EdD. 
    • Empower members to serve as change agents within their spheres of influence. 
    • Create a space to discuss and learn from missteps to enhance resiliency skills.  
  • Contribution 
    • Help members understand the practicality behind adding to the field. 
    • Produce research and data that is driven by and for Alliance members.  


Lan Renee Amboy-Biller, University of South Florida 
[email protected] 

Wayne Taylor, University of South Florida 
[email protected] 

Interested in joining this CIG? EdD students at CPED member institutions can contact us here.