October 2017
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Convening ThemeCreating New Futures: Thinking Differently to Build a Better World


Hosted by CSU East Bay and San Jose State University, the October 30-November 1, 2017 convening theme, Creating New Futures: Thinking Differently to Build a Better World, was chosen in response to the current political moment, which is defined by divisiveness, nationalistic fervor, post-truth, and value for sameness (rather than difference)— forces which are already impacting our EdD programs, P-16 schools, and communities. This is a time for courage, a time for CPED, in the wake of its 10th anniversary, to look toward the next ten years and take seriously Lee Shulman’s charge from the June 2017 keynote in Pittsburgh: we, as leaders and faculty of professional doctorate programs, have the responsibility to ensure that our work contributes to the building of a better world. 


Download the full agenda here


Full Consortium Sessions 

State of CPED
Jill Perry, Esecutive Director of CPED

Creating New Futures: Thinking Differently to Build a Better World
Katie Strom & Ardella Dailey, California State University East Bay

CSU Local and Global Impact
Ed.D. Doctoral Student Participants: Radha Aravamudhan, SJSU Rebecca O'Brien, SJSU Elida MacArthur, SJSU Anji Buckner, SJSU Sara Douglas, SJSU
Faculty Participants: Arnold Danzig, SJSU Rocio Dresser, SJSU Julia Delafield, UPEACE 


Learning Exchanges

Building the Capacity to Innovate: Essential Questions and Perspectives
Harriette Thurber Rasmussen and Nicola Smith, Fielding Graduate University

Enacting Social Justice Oriented Practitioner Scholarship: Evidence from Graduates of an Online Program
Elizabeth Bondy, University of Florida

See the Handout here.

Leader Scholar Communities Support Students’ Dissertation in Practice Efforts
Ray R. Buss, Arizona State University and James Allen, Northern Kentucky University

See the Handout here.

Research in- and on- Practice: EdD Research Studies from the First Cohort of EdD Graduates in the San Jose State University Doctoral Program, with Faculty Discussants Presenters and Titles of Dissertations: Faculty Discussants:
Arnold Danzig, SJSU Elba Maldonado-Colon, SJSU Noni Reis, SJSU

Students and Titles of Dissertations:
Angela Birts, SJSU - The African American/Black Racial Tapestry: Black Adolescents' Private, Independent School Experiences and Racial Identity Development
Michael Paynter, SJSU - Exploring a School Culture and Climate Where Students Can Flourish
Marie-Helene Bauguil, SJSU - Sustaining Arts Education Partnerships in California Elementary Schools
Carrie Holmberg, SJSU - Formative Assessment for Middle School Mathematics Instruction: An Evidence-based Approach to Evaluating Teacher Posing, Pausing, and Probing Moves
Pam Cheng, SJSU - Professional Learning Community (PLC): Technology Integration at a Title I Elementary School

CPED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Program of the Year 2017 – The University of Missouri Statewide Cooperative EdD Program: The CPED Framework through the Eyes of the Tiger
Jennifer Fellabaum-Toston, Assistant Teaching Professor and Associate Director of the Statewide Cooperative EdD Program, University of Missouri – Columbia and Brad Curs, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis; Director of the Statewide Cooperative EdD Program, University of Missouri – Columbia 

Using Faculty Narratives to Transform EdD Programs: A Team-Based Approach to Co-Constructing Lived Experience and Making Meaning Through Programmatic Change
Syraj Syed, University of Florida

Crossing Boundaries in a School-Wide Program: Collaborating Across Specializations
Candyce Reynolds and Micki Caskey, Portland State University

The Potency of Travel-Study as a Learning Vehicle for EdD Students Who are Full-Time Practitioners
Edmund Hamann, Guy Trainin, Jenelle Reeves, and Lindsey Scheinost, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Thinking Differently: An Asset Approach to Student Writing
Kathryn Hayes, California State University, East Bay 

See the Asset-Based Writing Presentation here.

Amid New, Different, and Traditional Ways of Knowing: Bringing a Networked Improvement Community Approach to Scale in EdD Curriculum Assessment
Joy C. Phillips, Kathy D. Geller, and Ken J. Mawritz, Drexel University

See the Field Priority Analysis here.

See the Program Learning Outcomes here.