Future & Current Students
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Future Students

Looking to learn more about the CPED-influenced EdD and its programs? The following resources will aid future doctoral students in understanding the goals of CPED and its outcomes for improving professional preparation for practitioners. 

Why the EdD and not the PhD? In the video below, hear from EdD students and graduates why an EdD is the degree for professional education practitioners.

Additional Resources for Future Students

About CPED
To EdD or Not to EdD?
The EdD and the Scholarly Practitioner
Where are CPED-influenced programs?

In their Own Words: A Journey to the Stewardship of Practice in Education
 by Jill A. Perry & David Lee Carlson  Student and graduate reflection on attending a CPED-influenced program and the impact on their learning, leadership and practice.

Current Students & Graduates

Current students and graduates of CPED-influenced EdD programs may find the following resources of use for during and after their doctoral study. Having students and practitioners engaged in CPED and the work of improving the Education Doctorate is of vital importance to the future of this degree. If you would like to be involved, please contact Jill A. Perry, Executive Director, jillaperry@cpedinitiative.org.