2017 October Convening
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2017 October CPED Convening
CSU East Bay & San Jose State University

October 30 - November 1, 2017

Oakland, CA


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Hosted by CSU East Bay and San Jose State University, the October 30-November 1, 2017 convening theme is, Creating New Futures: Thinking Differently to Build a Better World. This theme was chosen in response to the current political moment, which is defined by divisiveness, nationalistic fervor, post-truth, and value for sameness (rather than difference)— forces which are already impacting our EdD programs, P-16 schools, and communities. This is a time for courage, a time for CPED, in the wake of its 10th anniversary, to look toward the next ten years and take seriously Lee Shulman’s charge from the June 2017 keynote in Pittsburgh: we, as leaders and faculty of professional doctorate programs, have the responsibility to ensure that our work contributes to the building of a better world. 

Taking up this charge, the 2017 CPED theme, Creating New Futures: Thinking Differently to Build a Better World, seeks to speak back to the current political context by exploring theories and practice informed by a different worldview, one that seeks to disrupt harmful binaries that define difference in punitive terms and reinforce historical and current oppressions. Instead, this way of thinking sees the world in multiplicities and networks, takes into account a mobile, ever-shifting, contextualized, and multi-faceted reality, and recognizes that, while we are all connected, we are also all different—but that difference is productive and generative, rather than pejorative. In practice, this means valuing a multitude of knowledges and ways of knowing, as well as ways to represent those knowledges and put them to work to make change in our local schools and communities; working across academic lines, collaborating with other departments, colleges, P-16 institutions, and communities; and developing ecological frameworks that can account simultaneously for the interrelated historic, material, social, economic, environmental, technological, and interpersonal conditions that shape our lives and work. In the US today, learning to think, live, teach, and lead in creative, fluid, and difference-rich ways is simply an ethical imperative if we are to work across and interrupt the harmful divisions fossilizing in our society.
By promoting new ways of relating to each other, and emphasizing connection, collaboration, and creative difference--in place of wall-building, fear, and anger—CPED members can create a critical mass, and build a movement, to make real and lasting changes that will create not simply a more just school system but a more equitable world for our children and communities. 



Marriott Oakland City Center
1001 Broadway
Oakland, California  94607
United States

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CPED is offering 2 workshops at the 2017 October CPED Convening. Both will be on Monday from 8am-12pm prior to the convening. The cost for each is $50. To participate in these workshops, please select the session when registering for the Convening.

Improvement Science Workshop Refresher

This four-hour workshop is designed for CPED members who want to know more about, or deepen their understanding of, improvement science and Networked Improvement Communities (NICs). In this workshop participants will engage in learning focused on:
 understanding, applying, and integrating the tools and process of Improvement Science and NICs into EdD programs and coursework; 
 aligning this work with the CPED Framework; 
 determining quality work and integrating this into quality dissertations in practice;
 formulating ways to engage with community partners. 

Participants will engage in instruction, discussion, and hands-on activities. They will be equipped with ideas, strategies, and tools to take back to their institutions for use with students and for sharing with faculty and administrators. 

Time: 4 hours
Attendees: 35 max
FacilitatorsRobert Crow (Western Carolina University) and Debby Zambo (CPED)


Leading the (Re)Design of Your Online Program: A Bootcamp

This four-hour workshop is designed primarily for those involved in the development and delivery of CPED-influenced EdD programming, but who may be relatively new to online education/programming. Using a blend of instruction, discussion, and other activities, facilitators will guide participants through a protocol that utilizes the CPED Framework and other resources to outline a “go-forward” plan for (re)designing and supporting an online EdD program. Topics will include online adult learners, program leadership and administration, curriculum design and instruction, and DiP advisory. This workshop will be focused on fully online programming, but may be of interest and relevance to those involved in blended programs. Workshop materials will be shared electronically, so attendees should bring a portable device (with wireless capabilities) to the session.

 Time: 4 hours
Attendees: 35 max
Materials: All attendees will receive a memory stick with the PPT presentation, handouts, references, and worksheets
Sara Ewell (Northeastern) and Elan Paulson (Western, Canada)


The October Convening reception will be held Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at Dashe Cellars Winery

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