Announcement: CPED Board Leadership Changes

CPED Board Leadership Changes

Dr. David Rock will assume the role of Chair of the CPED Board of Directors among other additions to the Board leadership.
Learn more about the contributions of outgoing Chair Dr. David Imig and new changes to the Board.

David Imig and Jill Perry

Dr. David Imig will step down as the Chair of the CPED Board of Directors at the end of June 2021 after providing leadership and vision to the organization for over 14 yearsDr. Imig is the founding director of CPED, which he started with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) in 2007.  

Dr. Imig's Contributions to CPED and the Education Profession

Dr. Lee Shulman, President Emeritus of CFAT, reminds us that, 

“David Imig was present at the creation and was party to the initial conception of CPED. The idea germinated at the annual sessions of schools of education deans that David convened prior to AACTE annual meetings, alongside the discussions we had about the weaknesses of the traditional PhD as preparation for the professional role of leading educators. The idea of CPED emerged from those conversations, but the action plan relied on the inspired and dedicated leadership of David Imig.”   

Prior to launching CPED, Dr. Imig led the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) where he had witnessed many educational reforms during his leadership tenure. He often recounts how large-scale efforts such as Competency-Based Teacher Education (CBTE) and Teach for a New Era would show up with big ideas only to fail a few years later. Dr. Imig also fondly recalls smaller efforts such as the Holmes Group and the National Network for Educational Renewal that have had significant, longer-lasting impact on a quieter level.  

With the creation of CPEDDr. Imig considered the educational reforms he witnessed and planted a new vision for change. He reached out to the Council of Academic Deans of Research Institutions (CADREI) to gather collaborators who would join him in ending the confusion around the EdD once and for all.  

Dr. Imig convened a group of faculty members from 25 schools and colleges of education over a three-year period and posed tough questions to push their thinking about the best ways to build EdD programs. He urged them to create “proofing sites” that uplift and feature an EdD program’s approaches and components that might stimulate change and innovation among other CPED-influenced programs. Proofing sites is also a term that his late mentor Dr. John Goodlad was fond of using. 

In CPED’s fourth year, Dr. Imig secured funding from the U.S. Department of Education to support four more years of investigation on the distinctions that had been made by CPED members. His efforts awarded CPED a Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) grant of $700,000 to investigate the impact of the CPED Guiding Principles for Program Design across its 21 original higher education institutional members.  

When theFIPSE grant came to an end in 2013, Dr. Imig appealed to the deans of CPED member institutions to consider how they might support the development of CPED as a nonprofit organization. He secured funding from the deans for one-year to help CPED establish itself as a stand-alone, membership-supported nonprofit organization. 

After CPED officially became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2014, Dr. Imigwas elected as the Chair of the Board of Directors to lead CPED towards a future of growth and impact. Among his accomplishments as Chair over the past seven years, Dr. Imig has grown the Board to a 15-member oversight body, guided the development of a clear set of bylaws and governance improvements, secured a strong partnership with the Carnegie Foundation, stabilized financial assetsand led the organization through two strategic planning initiatives.  

Through these accomplishments, Dr. Imig has led strong collaboration with his Board members and Executive Director — seeking thoughtful input and inspiring innovative discussions about CPED’s impact on the broader educational community and how it could be a leader of professional preparation. Indeed, “David has served as a national spokesperson for CPED’s combination of rigor and relevance in preparing professional leaders of education,” noted Dr. Shulman.

From Dr. Imig's Fellow Board Members  

Several Board members have reflected on Dr. Imig’s leadership since the inception of CPED. Dr. Gaëtane Jean-Marie, CPED’s new Chair-Elect, recognized his passionate and dedicated leadership plus countless contributions that have made our profession better.”  Dr. Jean-Marie also noted that Dr. Imig is “a gentle soul, who knows how to bring others together for the common purpose of re-envisioning the EdD. 

CPED Board member Dr. Marvin Lynn has described Dr. Imig as, 

“One of those courageous and inimitable leaders whose optimism, kind candor, and commitment to transforming the education doctorate has helped him become a major force in our field. He is a brilliant thinker who is constantly seeking to find ways to foster new pathways for addressing old challenges. He is an inclusive leader who always thoughtfully and respectfully considers all perspectives as he seeks to move forward with an agenda for transformation. He is so keenly aware of how our experiences are shaped by and situated within a broad but varied historical context. But he understands that while we are shaped by history, we must also think in new and creative ways. David has greatly influenced my development as a thinker and a leader. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and with him.” 

Dr. Paul LeMahieu, Senior Vice President of the Carnegie Foundation and CPED Board member, has been a colleague of Dr. Imig for the past ten years. Dr. LeMahieu notes, 

“Getting to know and work with Dr. David Imig has been one of my great professional joys. His willingness to mentor my entry into what was an entirely new field for me has been invaluable – both because of his generosity of spirit and because the deep knowledge and wisdom that he brings to it. His work with CPED has ensured the fulfillment of its promise, just as his leadership has ensured coherence with its vision and consistency in its execution. Through CPED and beyond, his contributions to the preparation of teachers and leaders in education have been and continue to be of great significance. This is especially due to his efforts in leading CPED to prepare new generations of leaders in education to profoundly influence those who have been traditionally underserved and most denied access to opportunities for advancement and growth.” 

Although Dr. Imigis stepping down as the Chair of the Board, he will continue to serve on the Board as the Immediate Past Chair — where he will provide guidance and a historical perspective of Board activities to foster continuity.  

Looking Ahead to CPED's New Board Leadership

CPED is also delighted to welcome Dr. David Rock, Dean of the School of Education at the University of Mississippi, as the new Chair of the Board through June 2023.  Dr. Rock has been an active CPED institutional member dean since the University of Mississippi joined CPED in 2010. Serving as an early advisor, he was instrumental in urging fellow deans to support CPED in its efforts to become a membership-based nonprofit organization.  

Dr. Rock has served on the CPED Board since 2014. As a Board member, heretained Washington, D.C. based law firm Foresight Law and Policy and worked closely with its attorneys to update CPED’s bylaws and governance policies. At his University of Mississippi campus, Dr. Rock is an avid CPED proponent and supports three CPED-influenced EdD programs while teaching in one of them.  

Working with David Imig is an honor and a pleasure,” says Dr. Rock.” He continues by stating:    

His vision to collectively enhance the profession through the education doctorate has been instrumental to the growth of the organization. It has been a dream to work with such a passionate leader and learn from his expertise and experiences.  David is a true colleague in every sense of the word.  I personally want to thank David Imig for his leadership and commitment to CPED and the education profession!  I hope I can continue his legacy over the next two years. 

As the new Chair, I will strive to support the completion of the strategic visioning process to allow CPED to grow, strengthen, and support the education profession. In addition, I would like to see CPED work collaboratively with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to foster and grow the Improvement Leadership Education and Development (iLead) network. We have much to learn and a great deal to accomplish. I am excited about the future of the organization."

Dr. Imig praises Dr. Rock by stating, “With deep understanding of CPED, its governance and importance for the future of the professional doctorate, David Rock is the perfect person to assume the chair of the CPED Board of Directors. Given his wealth of experiences locally, regionally and nationally, he will realize an expanded reach for the organization while solidifying its programmatic impact in education.” 

The leadership changes to the CPED Board will commence on July 1, 2021. With Dr. Rock assuming the role of Chair, Dr. Gaëtane Jean-Marie, Dean of the College of Education at Rowan University, will serve as Chair-ElectDr. Carole Basile, Dean of the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University, will serve as the Board Treasurer.Dr. Stanton Wortham, Dean of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, will serve as Secretary. 

About the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) 

The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) is the knowledge forum on the EdD with a membership of over 100 colleges and schools of education, which have committed resources to work together to undertake a critical examination of the doctorate in education (EdD) through dialog, experimentation, critical feedback and evaluation. CPED’s vision is to transform the EdD by inspiring all schools of education to apply the CPED Framework to the preparation of educational leaders by becoming well-equipped scholarly practitioners who provide stewardship of the profession and meet the educational challenges of the 21st century.   

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