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Special Issue Series: 100 Years of the EdD
EdD Student Research & Discoveries

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2020

Expected Publication: April 2021

IE is currently seeking research articles and essay manuscripts for a future special themed issue focused on student practitioner research and discoveries. Specific requirements for each type of manuscript can be found here.

The themed issue is designed to highlight the research and work of CPED EdD students. We ask that interested students submit with a faculty mentor or advisor (who will be an additional author on the paper). The faculty member should be able and willing to support student-author through the writing, revising, and submission process.

Research articles, essays, and book reviews should be submitted by December 1, 2020 via the IE online submission portal. Manuscripts should adhere to IE’s editorial policies (word count, references, formatting, etc.).

If you are interested in publishing your work within the themed issue, please contact Emma Abruzzo at [email protected], guest editor, or Dr. Stephanie J. Jones, editor-in-chief, at [email protected].

Guest Editor:

Emma Abruzzo is a PhD Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh and teaches in courses in the Teacher Education program and Education Doctorate program. She focuses her research and teaching on bridging gaps between practice and classroom, as well as on curricular design that incorporates reflective practice and classroom emotional knowledge and regulation. She has served as the CPED Graduate Assistant for the past four and a half years and is the current Editing Coordinator for IE.


1. Can recent graduates write for the Student special issue?


2. What do you mean by submissions should demonstrate student growth into a scholar practitioner? Are you asking for student-authors to write reflectively about becoming a scholar practitioner?

-For the student issue, we are not asking that students directly reflect on and write about their experience of becoming a scholar practitioner. This issue is meant to highlight EdD students who are becoming scholar practitioners by showcasing their research and work. Students should submit manuscripts that implicitly reveal they are burgeoning scholar practitioners by writing about their scholarly work that makes use of research to inform practice. Topics can span from scholarly experiences at your university (ex- teaching a class) to carefully conducted research (ex- a portion of their dissertation), as long as they demonstrate a clear connection between research and practice.

3. Student hasn't finished their dissertation yet. Can they still write for the student issue?

-Yes. Mid-dissertation is actually a great time for students to write for this issue. In these cases, I would suggest students pick a very small and manageable part of their dissertation data, conduct a preliminary analysis, and write a shorter research article. I am happy to review student-article abstracts and provide feedback.

4. Should faculty-mentor be a second author or can they just agree to advise students?

-Faculty mentors should be second authors on student article submissions.