University of Houston

Name of CPED-Influenced Program: Executive EdD in Professional Leadership
Program Description: 
  • Courses begin Fall 2011.
  • This degree has been designed to be completed in 51 hours (2 years).
  • Courses will be offered in a variety of formats—intercessions, hybrid courses, weekend courses, online courses, short concentrated experiences, and internships and in ways other than the traditional 3-hour class.
  • Two unique features are the Laboratory of Practice and the Doctoral Thesis, which provide the structure and support students need to complete the doctoral degree.
  • An international trip will be used as part of the doctoral course work.
  • Candidates for this program are often working professionals who have a Master’s degree, at least three to five years of work experience in a related field, and aspire to be leaders in education. Most will have or be eligible to have a Principal certification. 
Signature Pedagogy: 
  • A program structure that enables fully employed professionals to earn a doctorate in 2 years, while continuing to manage their careers
  • Concentration areas tailored to specific career interests
  • Personalized academic and career advisement
  • A cohort-structured program where students help students and develop a learning community
  • An opportunity to participate in an international study trip 
Laboratories of Practice: 

The Lab of Practice consists of 6 graduate hours (two courses) where students are directed and supervised by their dissertation chair in the development of their research design and completion of chapters one and two of their dissertation.


The capstone experience for our students is the successful defense of their doctoral thesis / dissertation.

Description of each year of the Program: 




Fall 2011 9 hours Fall 2012 9 hours
Fall Intersession 3 hours Fall Intersession 3 hours
Spring 2012 9 hours Spring 2013 6 hours
Spring Intersession 3 hours    
Summer 2012 9 hours    
(Includes International Trip)
Total Number of Hours: 51
Expected Graduation: May 2013
Program Milestones: 
  • International trip
  • Candidacy paper
  • Comprehensive exams
  • Proposal defense
  • Dissertation defense 
Admission Requirements: 
  • Apply Texas Application (
  • Application fee (online payment at Apply Texas Application)
    • $45.00 (domestic students)
    • $75.00 (international students)
  • Official GRE scores
    • Completed within the last 5 years from application date
    • UH Institutional Code: 6870
  • Two sealed, official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended
  • Written goal statement
    • Addressing professional goals for the doctorate and a plan for applicant success in this concentrated and rigorous program
    • Length: 1-3 pages, double-spaced
  • Scholarly writing sample
    • Example: research paper, thesis, or other professional writing
  • Three letters of recommendation
    • Addressing applicant’s professional qualifications and potential for success in the Ed.D. Program

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