University of Massachusets - Amherst


Name of CPED-Influenced Program: Schoolwide EdD
Key Contact Person:
Dr. Linda L. Griffin, PhD

Program Description: 

UMass Amherst joined the CPED initiative with the following goals in mind. First, we wanted to engage in the national discussion regard the CPED Ed.D. as a doctorate of practice. Second, we wanted to take this opportunity to review our EdD. Finally, we want to move from a EdD to a PhD for all concentrations.

Background Information

The University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Education is a member of the Council of Academic Deans from Research Education Institutions (CADREI) and joined the CPED project in 2011 as a Phase II institution.  The school is divided into three academic departments, Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, Educational Policy, Research and Administration, and Student Development.  Currently, the UMass Amherst School of Education offers a Ph.D. program in School Psychology and Ed.D. in the following concentrations: Children, Families and Schools, Language, Literacy and Culture, Math, Science and Learning Technologies, Teacher Education and School Improvement, Special Education, Social Justice Education, Educational Policy and Leadership, and Research, Educational Measurement, and Psychometric.

Stage in Redesign Process: Design & Development
Program Milestones: 
In academic year 2010-11, the university went through a university wide doctoral program review. This review became the first step in the process of reviewing our doctoral degree. The overall findings of the doctoral review indicated that (a) grant dollars per faculty member is excellent, (b) ther measures of faculty research productivity are good against a strong peer group, and should improve over time, and (c) doctoral graduates placement data are also very good. In fall 2011 the University of Massachusetts Amherst committed to join the CPED initiative to begin exploring a CPED Ed.D. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and two Department Chairs began attending CPED convenings in the fall to learn more from other CPED-influenced programs. Since 2011 the College decided to first propose a PhD at the College level for all concentrations. The PhD proposal was passed by the Faculty Senate on the Amherst campus spring, 2014. Presently, the proposal is at the President's Office to be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and then by the MA Board of Higher Education. In fall 2015 the College will begin to design the Doctorate of Education Practice as a practitioner oriented doctoral degree at the unit level.
Admissions Cycle: Fall admissions only.

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