Tarleton State University
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: Education Leadership EdD Program 

Department: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Program Areas:

  1. Educational Leadership K-12
  2. Higher Education Leadership

Current Mission/Goals: The mission is to graduate learning leaders who use inquiry to improve professional practice and to prepare educational leaders who use theory and practice to improve education by engaging multiple and diverse perspectives and building leadership capacity in themselves and others.

Program Redesign Timeline:

Expected Student Outcomes:

Tarleton State University Educational Leadership EdD will prepare leaders to:

  • Demonstrate the professional attitudes and abilities of scholarly practitioners
  • Demonstrate skills in collaboration, communication, evidence-based decision making, and advocating for change and social justice
  • Demonstrate the ability to frame, investigate, and solve problems of practice
  • Tarleton State University Educational Leadership EdD graduates will be scholarly leaders who will navigate, critically respond to, and influence educational contexts by:
  • Engaging in inquiry driven by theory, professional knowledge, and practice to transform educational organizations
  • Making evidence-based decisions that guide change and address problems of practice
  • Engaging in the assessment of educational outcomes as part of a continuous improvement process
  • Understanding and advocating for change and social justice in educational settings
  • Garnering resources to accomplish organizational goals and objectives to proactively impact education and the greater community
  • Understanding and applying multiple leadership and organizational perspectives
  • Understanding political climates and policy implications to inform actions for educational change
  • Collaborating and communicating with stakeholders to build partnerships with diverse communities