University of Portland
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: School-wide EdD Program in Learning and Leading 

Program Areas:

  1. Higher Education and Student Affairs
  2. Neuroeducation
  3. School Leadership and Development
  4. Organizational Leadership and Development

Current Mission/Goals: The program design is commensurate with the SOE’s goals of developing lifelong learners who are able integrate research and theory as they provide leadership in the field. The program is grounded in the University’s mission of social justice and rooted in the SOE’s emphasis on inquiry and scholarship for service to others.

Program Redesign Timeline:

Through engagement in the accreditation process with the AMIAE and with the collaboration of Canadian advisory board members, the process of intentionally strengthening theory/practice relationships in the course content of the leadership area of concentration has been initiated and will be further developed in the 2017-2018 academic year as the first doctoral cohort in Edmonton is launched.

Expected Program Outcomes:

With the leadership provided by the EdD committee, all faculty members are engaged in reviewing and improving the doctoral program. Using feedback from students and external reviewers, the EdD program has been revised each year it has been offered. At the same time, the developmental process would be enriched further through engagement with a broader professional community.  UP anticipates that expanding opportunities for research and program evaluation, sharing work from the embedded student led research serving local school districts, and offering experiences with the countywide research consortium focused on problems of practice in the program (MCPER) would be additional benefit.