June 2017
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Convening Theme Reclaiming to Innovating: CPED @ 10 Years



Download the full agenda here


Full Consortium Sessions 

Pleanary Speaker: CPED@ 10 Years
Lee Shulman, visionary founder of CPED and President Emeritus of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Learning Tour: Designing and Out-Of-School Learning EdD Program
Charlene Trovato, Tom Akiva, Marijke Hecht, University of Pittsburgh


Learning Exchanges

Disquisition Guidelines: Increasing Clarity of Expectations for the EdD Culminating Experience Among Students and Faculty
Jess Weiler, Kofi Lomotey, Brandi Hinnant Crawford, and Robert Crow, Western Carolina University (WCU)

See the Disquisition Proposal Outline here.

Group Capstones Instead of Dissertations: What We Have Learned and What We Value
BetsAnn Smith, Susan Printy, and EdD program graduates, Michigan State University

Shaping a Powerful EdD Dissertation Experience: Useful Tools to Define, Refine, and Study a Problem of Practice
Nancy Fichtman Dana and Vera Wei Ma, University of Florida

CPED Professional Development Session
Deborah Peterson, Portland State University, and Debby Zambo, CPED

Research Course Re/Design PowerPoint
Research Course Re/Design Handout
Research Course Re/Design Worksheet

Program Goals, Perceptions, and Personal Experiences of a Revised, CPED-Influenced Educational Doctoral Program
Jolene K. Teske and Audrey C. Rule, University of Northern Iowa

Redesign of a CPED-Inspired Educational Leadership Doctoral Program
Teri Melton, Juliann McBrayer, and Dan Calhoun, Georgia Southern University 

The Evolving Complexities of Inquiry as Practive
Ed Bengtson, University of Arkansas; Nancy Akhavan, CSU- Fresno; Alisa Belzer, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey; Ray Buss, Arizona State University; Candyce Reynolds, Portland State University; Wendy Ruona, University of Georgia; and Cindy Tananis, University of Pittsburgh

Chairing a Dissertation in Practice Online: Challenges and Opportunities
Sara Ewell, Northeastern University

Why Students are Selecting and Education Doctorate in Community College Leadership: A Q Methodology Approach
James E. Bartlett II and Michelle E. Bartlett, North Carolina State University

Becoming Scholar-Practitioners: Developing Critical, Situated Views of Research in EdD Programs
Kathryn Strom, CSU- East Bay

Researcher Graphic Organizer Handout
Research Design Activity Worksheet

Lessons Learned: Writing Innovations: Key Elements in Supporting Program Graduation Rates 
Jacqueline Hawkins and Margaret A. Hale, University of Houston 

The Innovation of Embedded Fieldwork as a Signature Pedagogy: A Decade Later, How Do We Know if Students Have Learned?
Jennifer Watson, CSU-Fresno

Developmental Pathways to the Record of Study
Radhika Viruru, Texas A&M University

Program Innovation and Design in an Era of Accountability
Joy C. Phillips, Ken Mawritz, and Kristine Lewis Grant, Drexel University

Using Action Research as a Signature Pedagogy to Develop EdD Students' Inquiry as Practice Abilities
Ray Buss, Arizona State University

Action Research Infographic
Action Research Handout


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