June 2015
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Convening Theme:  CPED’s Influence on Active and Applied Pedagogy and Community Connections and Partnerships

Download the full agenda here. 

Full Consortium Sessions

Welcome & Opening
CPED Leadership Team

Considering Community Engagement in your EdD Program
Lina Dostilio, Director of Community Engagement, Duquesne University

Defining Change and Impact Construct Presentation
Martin Reardon, East Carolina University, Kristina Hesbol, University of Denver, & Debby Zambo, CPED

Design Development and School Improvement
Rick Mintrop, Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership for Educational Equity (LEEP), University of California Berkeley

Learning Community Session: Constructs and Local Contexts
Chris Thomas, University of San Franscico & Anne Marie FitzGerald, Duquesne University

The White Paper Forum:  A Kick-Start
Rick McCown, Duquesne Universty & Rick Sawyer, Washington State University

Learning Exchanges

Alignment of Signature Pedagogy with Field-Based Data Analysis Methods
Jianjun Wang, California State University Bakersfield & Danny Whetton, California State University Bakersfield

Case-in-Point Inspired Pedagogy: Creating a Laboratory for Examining Leadership
Charlene Trovato, University of Pittsburgh and Francois Guilleux, University of Pittsburgh

Creating a CPED Networked Improvement Community to Enhance EdD Practice-Based Inquiry, Community Connections and Partnerships
Debby Zambo, CPED & Betsy Kean, CPED

Creating a Signature Pedagogy: The Identification and Framing of a Problem of Practice
Ed Bengtson, University of Arkansas

Gang Aft Online: Taking an Existing EdD Online
Sherman Dorn, Arizona State University, Meredith Toth, Arizona State University, & Ray Buss, Arizona State University

High Impact Practices as Signature Pedagogies
Audrey Hovannesian, CSU - Office of the Chancellor

Restructuring Research Courses in the Educational Leadership Program
Lee Baldwin, University of Central Florida

The Choppy Waters of Academic Writing for Education Doctoral Students: Key Strategies for a Smoother Writing Journey
Dannelle D. Stevens, Portland State University & Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University

The Dissertation Three Ways
Kim Hirabayashi, University of Southern California, Mark Robison, University of Southern California, Rob Filback, University of Southern California, & Larry Picus, University of Southern California

Using the Leadership Challenge to Foster Community Building/Partnership in an EdD Program
Ray Buss, Arizona State University, Sherman Dorn, Arizona State University

Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)
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