Northern Illinois University

Name of CPED-Influenced Program: The Extended, Embedded, Integrated Internship Model

Key Contact Person:
Dr. Patrick Roberts, Department Chair 
Phone: 815-753-1562

Program Description:

The redesigned internship is intended to enhance practical knowledge through mentoring and the actual practice of school leadership. Based upon the data collected from both the interns and the mentor superintendents the redesigned internship is meeting the program goals of being meaningfully integrated with coursework, providing an authentic field experience, enhancing the skill set needed to provide effective district-wide leadership, and making a positive and meaningful contribution to the participating school districts.

Laboratories of Practice: 

The Extended, Embedded, Integrated Internship Model

Signature Pedagogy: 

The redesigned internship is emerging as NIU’s signature pedagogy for the preparation of school leaders.



Dissertation – follows successful completion of coursework and passage of the written candidacy exam.

Description of each year of the Program: 

Courses Accepted from Master's Degree: A maximum of 30 semester hours of work may be accepted from a completed degree with exceptions.

This 93-semester-hour degree program in educational administration is intended to prepare individuals for administrative service and leadership positions in schools, institutions of higher education, or other agencies. The doctoral program provides instructional experiences designed for satisfactory development of conceptual, human, and technical skills and understandings require for successful leadership in various administrative roles with emphasis on educational research, the role of the leader in social order, community power structure and organizational theory.

Students seeking the Superintendent endorsement and meeting its eligibility may pursue either the Ed.S. or Ed.D. in Educational Administration as an appropriate degree.

Course Work:
  • LEEA 700 - Nature and Theory of Administration
  • LEEA 745 - Survey of Research in Educational Administration
  • LEEA 720 - School Finance II • LEEA 725 - School Law II
  • LEEA 735 - Administration and Supervision of Educational Personnel
  • LEEA 736 - Collective Bargaining
  • LEEA 754 - Politics of Educational Administration
  • LEEA 755 - Planning and Decision Making in Educational Administration
  • LEEA 710 - The Superintendency
  • LEEA 786 - Internship in Educational Administration
  • EPFE 721 - Seminar in American Educational Thought
Core Courses:
  • LEEA 798 - Research Seminar in Educational Administration
  • ETR 521 - Educational Statistics I
  • ETR 720 - Educational Research, Planning and Interpretation
  • EPS 713 - Advanced Educational Psychology
  • LEEA 750 - Seminar in Educational Administration
Program Milestones: 
  • Internship
  • Written Candidacy Exam
  • Oral Qualifying Exam
  • Dissertation
Admission Requirements: 

NIU’s process for admitting students to the educational leadership doctoral program the submission of a goal statement, and at least two letters of recommendation from practicing school leaders who supervise the applicant’s work. In addition, each applicant is interviewed by a three-member faculty admission committee. At the time of the interview the applicant also prepares a response to a writing prompt that addresses a contemporary issue facing school leaders.

General Information:
  • Average number of students admitted into the EdD program each year: 15-20
  • Types of employment students hold upon entering the program: Our Ed.D. students are typically are teachers, building leaders, and district leaders upon admission. 
  • Are most students part time or full time?: part time

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