University of North Florida
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: Education Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Department: Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management

Current Mission/Goals: The mission of the EdD program in Educational Leadership is to provide unique learning opportunities for experienced educators who aspire to be leaders in their chosen clinical and administrative settings.

The program is guided by the following tenets:

  • Leaders must be able to articulate a vision of where their organization is going, and a plan for getting there.
  • Leaders must understand how to influence change by taking risks themselves, and by encouraging people to challenge their own models about how things work.
  • Leaders work effectively within existing organizations and communities while they seek to improve them.
  • Leaders foster human development and value and protect differing interests.
  • Leaders value learning for themselves and for all other members of the organization.
  • Leaders foster communication, collaboration, and community building.
  • This mission is tightly coupled with four overarching program goals:
  • The student’s leadership practice will be grounded in new paradigms of leadership.
  • The student’s leadership practice will be grounded in understandings of the nature of education, the role of education in the society, and the obligations of the leader to moral and ethical practice in multicultural communities.
  • The student’s leadership practice will be grounded in a thorough understanding of inquiry.
  • The student’s leadership practice will be enhanced by advanced content knowledge in a cognate or minor area of inquiry.

Program Redesign Timeline:

The faculty will work on developing an action plan for these changes during the 2017-2018 academic year with the goal of rolling out a revised program of study in the Fall 2018.

Expected Program Outcomes:

A unified vision and an action plan for reframing and redesigning the program, implementing the action plan, and continually monitoring outcomes of the change process.

Expected Student Outcomes:

The program strives to develop creative, ethical, humane, flexible, and visionary leaders who critically analyze problems of practice, comprehend the inherent complexities of organizational systems, and apply relevant research to examine and frame responses appropriate for different contexts, challenges, and issues.