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Name of CPED-Influenced Program: CPED EdD Cohort
Program Description: 

Cohort organization. Designed for working educators with a variety of backgrounds and educational settings. The 2 years of coursework involve on-campus classes each semester (some cohort-dedicated, others open to all students), some online cohort coursework, with a capstone completed in year 3.

Stage in Redesign Process: Experienced with Graduates
Signature Pedagogy: 

Cohort organization; inquiry-oriented; core interdisciplinary experiences; arts of the practical coursework; advanced study in an area of emphasis


Laboratories of Practice: 

The program is aimed at educators wishing to analyze problems of practice, develop new knowledge, structure experiences, grow practical insight, and become leaders of practice. Each student engages in practitioner-based action research projects in their own educational setting.


The capstone will meet all requirements for a doctoral degree at UNL and involve a practitioner-based action research project to be written and defended at an oral exam. We do not yet have students at this stage of the program as it will be conducted during year 3.

Description of each year of the Program: 

Coursework Sequence Example:

Spring 2015

Challenges & Opportunities TEAC 995 (3 credits); Seminar in Education TEAC 949 (3 credits)

Summer 2015

Challenges & Opportunities TEAC 995 (3 credits); Practitioner Inquiry I TEAC 930K (3 credits); Choice/Advanced Study (3 credits)

Fall 2015

Challenges & Opportunities TEAC 995 (1 credit); Seminar in Education TEAC 949 (3 credits); Choice/Advanced Study (3 credits)

Spring 2016

Challenges & Opportunities TEAC 995 (1 credit); Practitioner Inquiry II TEAC 930A (3 credits); Choice/Advanced Study (3 credits)

Summer 2016

Practitioner Inquiry III TEAC 930B (3 credits); Choice/Advanced Study (6 credits)

Fall 2016

Practitioner Inquiry IV TEAC 930B (3 credits); Comps; Candidacy

Spring 2017

Dissertation Design & Conduct (Practitioner-based research) TEAC 999 (3 credits)

Summer 2017

Dissertation Conduct (Practitioner-based research) TEAC 999 (6 credits)

Fall 2017

Dissertation documentation TEAC 999 (3 credits)

Admission Requirements: 

(1) Undergraduate GPA: minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Graduate GPA: minimum of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale. (2) 50th percentile on each of the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical sections of the GRE taken in the last 5 years; for international students, a TOEFL score of 79 (3) Minimum 2 years as an educator in school or other educational settings. (4) Fit between applicant goals/interests and programmatic ability to meet them. Include a narrative that describes the relations, challenges and opportunities among teaching, learning, curriculum with personal goals and interests in completing an EdD as a cohort member; (5) Evidence of writing abilities through provision of a sample such as a thesis, course paper, published article, curriculum document, etc. (6) Completion of all steps for graduate admission to UNL and TLTE. This is a selective and competitive program and top candidates are determined through a review committee. No single criterion is more important than another. The application file is reviewed as a total package.

General Information:
Program Delivery: Hybrid
Are most students part time or full time?: part time

Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)
Headquartered @ The University of Pittsburgh School of Education
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