Molloy College
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing 

Program: School-wide EdD in Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities

Current Mission/Goals: The mission of the Molloy College EdD in Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities is to prepare highly qualified and effective practitioners and professionals, including teachers, administrators, counselors and individuals in higher education who will advocate for programs and policies for diverse learners and contribute to the advancement of knowledge concerning the organizational, structural, and cultural conditions that are vital for providing educational equity for all.

The broad-based goals of the program are to prepare educational leaders and advocates who possess:

  • Knowledge of leadership, diversity and advocacy for equity education
  • Knowledge of various research methods, data collection and assessment techniques
  • The ability to communicate research findings and inform issues of diversity
  • Skills and dispositions for ethical decision making for issues in equity, diversity and public policy
  • Vision, pedagogical knowledge and critical thinking skills to question and challenge inequities in schools and communities
  • Understanding, appreciation and respect for the value of collaborative approaches to problem-solving, leadership and action research
  • Skills and competency to think locally and globally to build partnerships, share leadership techniques and demonstrate integrity of the highest magnitude in order to effect change.

Program Redesign Timeline:

  • Feasibility Study- Summer 2017
  • Training for faculty on design and delivery of online courses- Fall 2017
  • Course redesign for online delivery - Spring 2018
  • Design of summer residency- Summer 2018
  • Online program track fully available to students- Fall 2018

Expected Program Outcomes:

Molloy would like the program to expand in an effective, meaningful and efficient manner through new program offerings that continue to positively impact the field of education as they have been for the last fifty years. Molloy would like their students to graduate with knowledge that transcends the local community and for them to embrace the global impact of stewardship in the field of education.