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Name of CPED-Influenced EdD Program: Educational Leadership
Program Description: 

The Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership is a 60 credit hour program for educational leaders working in P-12 contexts and institutions around central and south-western Ohio. The primary goal of this degree is to prepare democratic leaders who engage issues of equity, ethics, and social justice to create solutions to complex problems of educational practice. The program includes a 12-credit core focusing on leadership, culture, curriculum, diversity and democracy; an 8-credit major focusing on administration, social justice, and new media literacies for leadership; 15 credits of research/inquiry courses; and a cognate area (9 hours) which allows students to pursue superintendent licensure or to pursue courses in a concentration area designed to enhance their capacity for educational leadership at a building or district level.

The Department stopped admitting students into our old EdD program in 2009 due to multiple concerns,  including too much similarity with our PhD program in Educational Leadership, and many faculty retirements.

We have now revised our new program described above and are awaiting state approval for the revisions we've proposed between the old and new programs.  The new program is more firmly centered in practice-based inquiry and learning.  

Stage in Redesign Process: Design & Development

The program is also grounded in our Departmental Mission and Seven Core Principles.

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