University of Massachusetts Lowell
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: School-wide Education Doctorate

Program Area: Leadership in Schooling

 Current Mission/Goals: The Leadership in Schooling EdD is designed to meet the needs of leaders of PK-12 systems. The program offers academic rigor, driven by a curriculum that focuses on the learning needs of advanced practitioner-scholars whose professional goal is to remain in PK-12 education.

Expected Program Outcomes:

The faculty seek to continuously and systematically engage in program development of their new EdD program.

Expected Student Outcomes:

Students must:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with seminal and current educational leadership literature, including literature on equity in education.
  • Thoughtfully discuss the relationship of policy and practice based on research and theory.
  • Plan and evaluate curriculum, policy, instructional practice, and administrator/leader effectiveness in light of research and theory.
  • Design, develop, and conduct a research study based on an identified problem, and report study findings.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social justice, meaning the improvement of education for all children and all families.
  • Think flexibly about educational issues, demonstrating openness to new ideas and an ability to integrate them into one’s thinking.