Kutztown University
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: Education Doctorate in Transformational Teaching and Learning 

Department: Secondary Education

Current Mission/Goals: Kutztown University developed the Education Doctorate in Transformational Teaching and Learning to prepare and encourage classroom teachers to contribute to the transformation of their classroom and school settings. The doctoral program was designed primarily for practicing preK-12 educators, though community college instructors will also be included.

Expected Program Outcomes:

The program outcomes directly align with CPED aims to develop effective classroom educators who refine teaching methods, are consumers of educational research, and utilize current knowledge pertaining to the profession. Further, such educators are aware of the climate, issues, and politics affecting the profession (and their schools), possess an ongoing curiosity about the world, and are passionate about their role as social change agents.

Expected Student Outcomes:

Graduates will be more knowledgeable about foundational and specialized issues related to transformational teaching and learning and be able to apply action research (and, on a limited basis, other research approaches) to contemporary educational practices and policies, the nature of school-community relationships, and related issues of social justice.