Hunter College of the City University of New York
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: Education Doctorate

Interdepartmental: Curriculum and Teaching, Educational Foundations and Counseling Programs, and Special Education

 Program Area: Instructional Leadership

Mission/Goals: The mission of the program is to provide practitioners with clinically-focused doctoral training and a deep grounding in the best research on educational practice. Students will develop the ability to digest, synthesize, engage in, and apply new research to improve educational outcomes for all students, and will develop the skills to understand and communicate their insights effectively as leaders.

 The goals of the EdD program include:

  • Development of deep understanding of the best current knowledge and research for application in the field. Implementation of a cohort model to deliver primarily prescribed curriculum and to create a community of scholarly practitioners who can work together and individually to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.
  • Application of existing research to the analysis of a specific practical problem and the creation of a final project, the dissertation, to improve clinical practice and outcomes for students, families and/or teachers
  • Preparation of practitioner leaders committed to serving the needs of public education with an urban focus by incorporating issues of equity and social justice in their work.

Program Redesign Timeline:

  • Spring 2015—EdD approved by NYSED
  • Fall 2015—Recruitment for Cohort 1
  • Spring 2016—Admissions process for Cohort 1, Establishment of EdD Leadership Team
  • Fall 2016—Cohort 1 begin program

Expected Program Outcomes:

Faculty in the program are committed to making sure that, first and foremost, completion of the program will positively impact the doctoral students themselves as they develop as professionals and leaders in their classrooms, schools, and communities. In turn, their leadership should serve to strengthen those contexts, leading to positive impact on teaching and learning. As an institution with many partnerships across New York City, the university, too, should see the benefits that result from doctoral students’ participation in the EdD program. It is the hope of the program that doctoral students will help strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones.