General Findings & Learning
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This section includes articles and findings that have come from the CPED Initiative since its inception in 2007.

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2013 Member Survey: Dissertation in Practice Characteristics

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Characteristics of CPED Programs as of 2011: A survey was conducted of all CPED members in 2011 to learn about the demographics of their programs.

Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate Phase II: a Quest for Change. Perry, J.A. (2011). UCEA Review (52)3 pp1-3.
(*Note: results from the FIPSE study mentioned in this article can be found HERE)

CPED Phase I Final Report: A report of the first phase of CPED given to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

CPED Program Design-concepts Definitions (CPED, 2010)

CPED Definition of the EdD and Principles for EdD Program Design (CPED, 2009) 

A Stewardship of Practice in Education. Perry, J.A. & Imig, D. (2008). Change Magazine. Nov/Dec

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