University of Findlay
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: School-wide Doctorate of Education Program

Program Areas:

  1. Administration/Superintendent
  2. Teaching and Learning

Current Mission/Goals: The mission of the Doctorate of Education Program is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to plan strategically, communicate effectively in the modern world, think critically about the impact of policy and decisions, and contribute to the knowledge base by conducting research in his/her areas of expertise.

Expected Program Outcomes:

From membership in the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate University of Findlay expects to gain:

  • Benchmarking from some of the top EdD programs in the country
  • Access to research that will inform us of best practices, effective models of program design, the required skills, knowledge and dispositions of educational leaders, and target outcomes for program graduates
  • Greater methods of program assessment
  • Access to training that will inform our mission, our outcomes, our methods, and our curriculum
  • Guidance, support, and fellowship from our fellow EdD educators We expect membership in the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate to produce the following outcomes among our community:
  • A faculty that is more in touch with best practices in the field, inline with the standards of the profession, inspired to improve their practices, and provided with resources to support their professional practice
  • An EdD program that is more responsive to the needs of educational environments and educational leaders
  • Students who are challenged to hold to the highest standards of the field
  • Graduates who are more thoroughly equipped to face the challenges of educational leadership.
  • A university that is invigorated and inspired by the renewed energy and increased quality of its EdD program

Expected Student Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Doctorate of Education Program, graduates will:

  • Identify problems within organizations and use strategic planning to make informed decisions that build trust
  • Communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders in the most effective modes for the audience
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in relationship to public policy and its impact on stakeholders
  • Conduct an independent research investigation that reflects a practical application of a relevant issue and contributes to the profession