Call for Convening Learning Exchanges & Workshops
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CPED Convening @Augusta University 
October 24 - 26, 2016, Augusta Georgia

Inquiry as Practice: Understanding the research knowledge, skills, and dispo­sitions scholarly practitioners need to improve problems of practice

Call for Convening Workshops
CPED is accepting proposals for workshops on Monday October 24th from 8am-12pm  (prior to the Convening). Workshops may cover any topic of interest to the consortium. Proposals should be one page maximum and contain:
A. Workshop title
B. Presenter/s and their CPED Affiliated Institutions
C. Basic overview
·      Rationale for the workshop
·      Goals/Objectives
·      How the workshop will be structured
·      Target audience
·      What attendees will gain
·      Anticipated materials/costs

Submit proposals to by September 19, 2016.

Call for Learning Exchange Proposals and  Reviewers of Exchanges
The theme of the 2016 October Convening, “Inquiry as Practice,” highlights the importance and complexity of preparing scholarly practitioners to better serve their organization and communities. A key part of this work is the designing and teaching of inquiry in a way that prepares practitioners to fully understand and improve complex educational problems as part of their practice.
Based on this theme, CPED invites learning exchanges that explore how faculty and students define and operationalize inquiry as practice and how these can meaningfully be directed toward problems of practice, in diverse contexts, and through varied facets of EdD programs—such as program development and structures, course content, and active and engaging learning strategies. Given this year’s theme submissions might address:

·       Identification and definition of problems of practice
·       Designing research courses and pedagogy considerations
·       Aligning research in response to the moral imperative to develop agents of change
·       Aligning research knowledge and skills to support the needs of PK-20 schools
·       Collaborative research between faculty and doctoral students to address problems of practice
·       Beyond the traditional dissertation—presenting research findings in unique, meaningful, and responsive ways
We also invite sessions that focus on the theme more broadly.

What are Learning Exchanges? Exchanges are seventy-five minute, concurrent sessions that occur at CPED Convenings. The aim of Exchanges is to help members from all phases, and from varied contexts, learn from and with each other.

When do Exchanges occur? Exchanges take place on day two and three of the convening. There is no guarantee of a presentation date. Presenters must be available all days of the convening.

Who should submit a proposal? It is important for CPED members to learn from and network with all stakeholders. Therefore, CPED encourages faculty, administrators, current or graduated students from all phases and across institutions to submit. Preliminary lessons learned are welcome from Phase III members.

What presentations formats are available?
1.     Symposia Exchanges: This format allows individuals with experience/expertise in the topic to present and discuss what they know. Three or more individuals should be involved and include a discussant.
2.   Roundtable Exchanges: Roundtables provide opportunities for members with complementary interests and needs to engage in substantive dialogue.
3.    Networking Exchanges: This format provides opportunities for members to learn, share, and network at the session and beyond.
4.    Ignite Exchanges: Ignite sessions provide an opportunity for multiple presenters to spark interest and awareness of varied yet similar ideas while encouraging action. These sessions typically cluster around four to five 5-minute presentations with plenty of discussion time,
5.    Film Exchanges: Should be introduced with or contain a brief video on the topic covered. Offer an opportunity to showcase institutions, programs, faculty, and/or students.

Important Dates
When will submissions open?    Submissions will open August 30, 2016.
When are submissions due?        Submissions close on September 19, 2016.
How will proposals be submitted?      Go to
When will reviewers need to complete their reviews?     Reviewers will have their reviews completed by the end of September.
When will I know if my proposal has been accepted?     Notifications will be sent as soon as the review process is complete.

What to Submit
What should each submission include? Each submission will need:
1.     Name, CPED affiliation, emails, for all presenters
2.     Presentation title
3.     Target audience: Higher Education/Organizational Leadership, Teacher Education, K-12 Leadership        
4.     Type of Presentation: Symposia, Roundtable, Networking, Ignite, or Film
5.     Abstract: Limited to 30 words
6.     2 page maximum (excluding references) narrative that contains:
·  The objectives of the session and how these support the Convening theme and/or CPED’s Framework;
·  A clear description how the Exchange is built on research and institutional knowledge;
·  A clear description how the Exchange will be interactive and engaging;
·  The strategies, ideas, and/or materials members will walk away with to change or improve their programs or overcome structural and personal barriers;
·  Conclusions and next steps (action plans) that can be used by members and/or the Consortium.

How are Exchanges selected? All submissions go through a blind peer-review process.
Proposals are evaluated on:

•     Relevance to the theme of the convening and needs of the consortium;
•     Potential to actively engage Consortium members and enhance their knowledge to leverage change;
•     User-friendly and useful change strategies, ideas, and/or materials to be given to participants;
•     Thoroughness and clarity of the narrative;

If you have questions about Exchanges or would like to be a reviewer of exchanges contact


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