Appalachian State University
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Design Phase: Developing and Designing

Program: Education Leadership School-wide Doctoral Program

Program Areas:

  1. Educational Administration
  2. General Studies
  3. Higher Education
  4. Reading and Literacy
  5. Expressive Arts Education, Leadership and Inquiry

Current Mission/Goals: The mission of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is to prepare students for leadership roles in public schools, community colleges, and universities. Students are encouraged to apply theory to practice in conducting research and constructing knowledge to improve educational systems and inform social change.

Expected Program Outcomes:

Currently the EdD is the only doctoral program on the Appalachian State University campus. The goals for the redesign are:

  • Inclusion of more faculty: Wider involvement will strengthen the program and ensure a diversity of perspectives in program delivery and student advisement.
  • Development of an online program
  • Novel and relevant approaches to dissertations
  • Curriculum reform