University of Louisville

University of Louisville

Signature Pedagogy: 

The signature pedagogy is a variation of problem based learning we label Problem-driven learning which means the topics spring from the work of our candidates, both individually and collectively.

Program Description: 

The EdD has been around for two cohorts, approximately 5 years.  We have focused on P-12 educational practitioners but the two cohorts differ:

Cohort 1 was for P-12 administrators from 14 districts in the Ohio Valley Education Cooperative (OVEC) and the KY Dept. of Education. Instructors were from ELFH and Teaching and Learning at U of L;

Cohort 2 was for P-12 teachers and administrators from Jefferson County Public Schools. Instructors were from ELFH and JCPS.

Laboratories of Practice: 

All U of L / OVEC Ed.D cohort members are practicing school administrators with significant involvement in regional and statewide agencies and initiatives. We have, therefore, defined the laboratories of practice as our communities: their employing organization, the educational consortium partnering with U of L in this pilot program (OVEC), as well as Kentucky.


OVEC cohort:  Individual or group dissertation

JCPS cohort: Group manuscript model: Each member of a group completes one publishable manuscript that aligns or incorporates with the other manuscripts in the group. The group will also provide a common introduction to their compilation of manuscripts, as well as an executive summary 

Name of CPED-Influenced Program: 
Description of each year of the Program: 

OVEC cohort: Students admitted with transfer hours; took 6-12 hours each semester. Take home comps over time. Individual or group dissertations.

JCPS cohort: Students admitted with no transfer hours; took 6-12 hours each semester. Take home comps over time. Individual dissertations or group manuscripts (see below).

Key Contact Person: 

Dr. Gaetane Jean-Marie, Dept Chair

Program Milestones: 

Comprehensive Exams – 3 take home questions (48 hrs. each), completed over a period of months.

Admission Requirements: 

GREs were not required.

Applications included two letters of recommendation, written responses to prompts, and an interview / presentation to the selection committee.

The selection committee used a screening rubric for applications and an interview rubric for interviews / presentations.

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