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Information here is organized as a timeline that includes the following stages: Reclaim, Reframe, Redesign, and Research & Development. While the Reclaim, Reframe, and Redesign phases tend to occur in a sequence, Research & Development is a continual process that starts at the point of reclaiming and continues through the evolution of the redesign.


This section provides information about the history and motivation behind CPED and efforts to distinguish the EdD from the PhD.


This section focuses on the the CPED Framework, which provide a common language as an institution begins to reframe and redefine the education doctorate.

As a result of our work, the members of CPED believe:

“The professional doctorate in education prepares educators for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession.”

The CPED Framework (principles and design concepts) supports members in the development of CPED-influenced EdD programs.

History of the Development of CPED Principles


How to Redesign EdD Programs

How to: Frame a Professional Practice Doctorate Program
How to: Be a Change Agent (for faculty)
How to: Operationalize CPED Principles
EdD-PhD Comparison Charts
How to utilize CPED as a resource
Organizational Change Processes within CPED-Influenced EdD Programs
Strategies for Organizational Change – Redesigning the Education Doctorate

Professional Development Cases on EdD Program Redesign
Overview:  The team developed a series of professional development cases based on the FIPSE research conducted by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate. The cases focus on various issues of university preparation program redesign related to the education doctorate. The cases, although anonymous, use data from the FIPSE research so that cases are based on actual experiences of program redesign.  Case One    Case Two    Case Three

To view more about our members programs, please view: Consortium Members Page

Curriculum Development

Cohort Development & Group Advising

Dissertation in Practice

Influential Videos & Readings

Professional Practice Doctorate
Dr. Lee Shulman (Carnegie Foundation): What is the Professional Practice Doctorate?
Dr. Lee Shulman (Carnegie Foundation): Why Redesign the EdD?
Dean Karen Gallagher (Univ. Southern California): Distinguishing the EdD and building a program (October 2008)

Dissertations & Capstones
Dr. Joseph Murphy (Vanderbilt): Eliminate Dissertation in EdD programs (June 2014)
Dr. Doug Archibald (Delaware): The Problem Based Thesis (June 2014)

Archbald, D. (2008). Research versus problems solving for the Educational Leadership Doctoral Thesis: Implications for form and function. Educational Administration Quarterly (44)7. Pp 704-739

Archbald, D. (2013). The GAPPSI Method: Problem-solving, Planning, and Communicating - Concepts and Strategies for Leadership in Education. NCPEA Publications

Willis, J., Inman, D., & Valenti, R. (2010). Completing a professional practice dissertation: A guide for doctoral students and faculty. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC

University of Southern California Capstone & Thematic Dissertation (October 2008)

Improvement Science
Dr. Louis Gomez (Carnegie Foundation): Improvement Science & Leadership Preparation
Dr. Anthony Bryk (Carnegie Foundation): Criteria for Networked Improvement Communities & How CPED Fits (June 2012)

Dr. Anthony Bryk (Carnegie Foundation): CPED & Improvement Science (June 2009)
Dr. Anthony Bryk (Carnegie Foundation): Improvement Science (October 2008)
Bryk, A. & Gomez, L. (2010) Getting Ideas into Action: Building Networked Improvement Communities in Education

Scholarly Practitioners

Dr. Lee Shulman & Dr. Chris Golde (Carnegie Foundation): Reflections on Stewardship of Practice (June 2008)

Jarvis, P. (1999). The Practitioner-Researcher: Developing theory from practice. Jossey Bass: San Francisco
Council of Graduate Schools Task Force Report on the Professional Doctorate (2005)

Signature Pedagogy

Dr. Lee Shulman (Carnegie Foundation):
What is a Signature Pedagogy? (October 2007)
Laboratories of Practice & Inquiry Preparation (April 2013)

Social Justice & EdD Programs

Dr. Antonia Darder (Loyola Marymount): Critical Leadership for Social Justice (June 2016)
Interview with Dr. Lee Shulman (2012)

Shulman Reflections

Dr. Lee Shulman reflections on CPED progress (AERA April 2009)

Research and Development

This section includes any data that CPED or that members of CPED have gathered, including formal research studies as well as surveys from convenings. Research and Development spans the entire time of CPED and includes early work as well as current projects.

Emerging Research Findings
CPED White Papers
Welcome to the White Paper Project, one part of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate’s (CPED) publishing opportunities. This project sits alongside CPED’s new journal Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Practice. Both publishing venues are evidence of CPED‘s vision and commitment to be The Knowledge Forum on the Education Doctorate and reinforce the mission to strengthen, improve, support and promote the CPED framework through continued collaboration and investigation. Click to continue reading the introduction.

Program Design/Re-design

Dissertations in Practice

Emerging Literature from Members

This section includes publications on general EdD program design and CPED design concepts that have emerged from CPED members faculty who are studying their EdD redesign efforts.

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