CPED Writing Fellows
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CPED Writing Fellows are faculty or student from member institutions who have expertise or strong interest in the Fellows theme (announced before each convening). Fellows apply and are accepted. They participate in a Seminar at the convening and develop manuscripts on the assigned theme. Manuscripts focus on specific definitions and conceptualizations of the theme as they relate to educational doctorate programs, the CPED framework, and the ways this theme is operationalized in different facets of programs such as program development and structures; coursework and curriculum; research methodologies and methods of inquiry; student/faculty supports; and dissertation work and advising.  Final manuscripts will be presented the the CPED journal, Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Professional Practice, for review in a special issue.
Call for June 2018 Writing Fellows will go out in early Spring 2018.


2017 Writing Fellows

2017 Fellows will develop manuscripts on the use of the CPED Principles for EdD program development. In particular, Fellows will focus on specific uses of the principles for developing and/or evaluating programs, determining graduate outcomes, innovative ways to redesign and improve EdD programs or ways in which the principles have shaped CPED programming and awards. 


Harriette Thurber Rasmussen, Fielding Graduate University
Ray Buss, Arizona State University
Joy C. Phillips, Drexel University
James E. Barlett II, North Carolina State University
Shannon M. Calderone, Washington State University
Edmund Hamann, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Jolene Teske, University of Northern Iowa
Carl Fertman, University of Pittsburgh



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