History of CPED
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With the support of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching under the leadership of then President Dr. Lee Shulman, and the backing of the Council for Academic Deans of Research Education Institutions (CADREI), the project began with 25 member institutions, a small pot of funds from the Carnegie Foundation and an ambitious goal to redesign doctoral preparation for professional practitioners. This first phase resulted in a set of principles, architecture and models of programmatic and institutional change. In September 2010, the hard work of the consortium was rewarded with a $700,000 grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE).


With the receipt of the FIPSE Grant, the CPED Initiative entered a second phase during which the consortium engaged in a mixed-methods, multi-case study of its work at 21 of the original member institutions. In addition, the Consortium added 8 new California State University campuses and 27 new universities that committed themselves to continuing the work of the Consortium in a continuous and evaluative discussion of the Education Doctorate.

During this time, CPED Headquarters moved to Duquesne University School of Education where Dr. Jill A. Perry, Executive Director received a research faculty position. A founding member, Duquesne University has offered both support and guidance to the Consortium.


In its third Phase, the Consortium has decided to both expand and sustain the organization. Current members have supported the initiative in applying to become a 501c3 Non Profit organization. This new organization will expand with a call for new members. It will also set forth an ambition agenda that will offer policies and guides for EdD program development. FIPSE research data, manuscripts and products will be rolled out just as we initiative a new cohort into the design process of EdD program development.


September: CPED accepted an offer by the University of Pittsburgh to move its headquarters and make the University of Pittsburgh CPED’s academic home for the coming five years. CPED relocated to the School of Education at Pittsburgh with Executive Director, Jill A. Perry, PhD, being appointed as a research associate professor in the School of Education where she will continue her leadership duties.


CPED celebrated its 10th anniversary with a convening at its headquarters, the University of Pittsburgh. Additionally, 22 new member institutions we admitted bringing membership up to105 Schools of Education in the US, Canada and New Zealand.


Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED)
Headquartered @ The University of Pittsburgh School of Education
5522 Posvar Hall - 230 S. Bouquet Street - Pittsburgh, PA 15260
info@cpedinitiative.org   +1 (412) 648-7428