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Dissertation in Practice Formats: Example Guidelines

Action Research
Arizona State University
Florida State University

Policy Analysis
Florida State University

Florida State University
Virginia Commonwealth University (collaborative program evaluation)

Modified Manuscript Model
University of Louisville

Group Dissertation
Michigan State University

Multiple Possible Products and/or Formats

Indiana University
Rutgers University
Also see Rutgers White Paper on the EdD and Impact of Dissertations in Practice
San Francisco State University
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Additional Resources

University of Connecticut - Chapter on Program and Capstone development
University of Maryland - Introduction to the Dissertation of Practice
University of Kentucky
University of Southern California - Chapter on capstone development

Sample Dissertations

DiP Award Winners

Database of Dissertations in Practice from CPED-Influenced EdD Programs

Relevant Literature & Videos 

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Dr. Joseph Murphy (Vanderbilt): Eliminate Dissertation in EdD programs (June 2014)
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University of Southern California Capstone & Thematic Dissertation (October 2008)

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