Dissertation in Practice Submission

Deadline: July 15, 2016

Call for Submissions - 2016 Dissertation in Practice of the Year Award

The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) is now accepting submissions from member institutions for the 2016 Dissertation in Practice Award. This prestigious award is given to EdD graduate(s) whose DiP shows evidence of scholarly endeavors in impacting a complex problem of practice, and aligns with CPED Working Principles.

Submissions should include:

1)     Letter of nomination and support from graduate’s DiP Chair

2)     A blind1, 15-page double-spaced synopsis of the DiP, submitted by the graduate, must include:

·        Statement of alignment with CPED working principles (one page);

·        Full DiP title;

·        Statement of the study’s identified problem of practice;

·        Research question(s), if applicable;

·        Theoretical or conceptual framework that situates the problem in both the scholarly and the practice contexts;

·        Methods – research design/approach, sampling, data collection procedures or data sources used, and data analysis. Varied conceptualizations and methodologies are welcome and encouraged.

·        Summary of key findings

o   Determined impact on practice such as:

§  What generative impact will this work have on practice, policy, and/or future research?

§  What impact does this work have on the future work and agendas of the scholar practitioner?

§  How does this work demonstrate the scholarly practitioner’s ability to solve or contribute to the solution of problems of practice?

§  What, if any, action pieces have been generated?

3)     References (APA6 format) must be submitted separately (not included in the 15-page limit).

1Indentifying information of the submitting author/university will be known only to the DiP Co-Chairs for the initial submission, until finalists are identified, in order to maintain anonymity and objective evaluation by committee members.

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