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Today’s harmful neoliberal education movement, rising poverty levels, and massive demographic shifts are exacerbating the historically entrenched inequalities reproduced by our educational institutions. Within this context, preparing educators to fight for social justice in K-12 systems, community college settings, and beyond is more important than ever.  However, variable or vague understandings of social justice, differential levels of commitment, and other obstacles often mean that the idea of social justice stays at the level of discourse in EdD programs rather than being operationalized in purposeful, impactful ways. The Social Justice in EdD Programs CIG seeks to address these issues and build knowledge in this relatively new area of the field. Our understanding of a social justice agenda in education includes (a) interrupting culturally, socially, and institutionally sanctioned isms at the macro and micro levels in educational systems that reinforce marginalization of non-normative student populations; (b) bringing critical perspectives that problematize “common sense” hegemonic ideologies in leading and teaching in PreK-16 settings; and (c) actively participating in the forging of transformative, culturally/linguistically responsive pedagogies, schooling structures, policies, and practices. We propose three activities to be initiated in year 1 to build an understanding of the ways that CPED institutions conceptualize social justice as it relates to preparation for the professional education doctorate, and how that conception is translated or operationalized into action in their programs. These activities include: 1) a collaborative research effort to identify trends in socially just preparation for educators in California and selected states; 2) program self studies of the use and operationalizing of ‘social justice’ to create contextual improvement plans; and 3) creation of an open-source wiki to curate and compile social-justice focused resources for programs in different stages of program development and implementation.


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