Improvement Science CIG


CPED Improvement Science CIG:

Purpose - In recent years, new approaches have emerged for equipping practitioners with the skills to engage in user-centered continuous improvement toward the dual educational goals of excellence and equity. At previous CPED Convenings, members have learned about several approaches to continuous organizational improvement, most prominently improvement science, networked improvement communities, and design-based improvement.  This CIG will meet four times (two at CPED Convenings in June and October, 2016 and two innovative web-supported meetings) to support inclusion of improvement science and/or design-based improvement methods in EdD curricula as a signature pedagogy, support members' deeper understanding of the distinct methodologies and approaches, and generate and disseminate knowledge about the use and the outcomes of improvement efforts in PK-12 and post-secondary education. 

The Improvement Science CIG will be a user-centered group, with CPED members who attend the initial meeting (at the June 12016 Convening) playing a leadership role in organizing meetings and generating the specific targets for Year 1 from among the following possible activities: 1) describe the current status of improvement science, design-based improvement or other related processes by CPED member institutions (including cases); 2) report the challenges of implementation and solutions institutions have generated; 3) create models for ways improvement science can be integrated into the EdD; 4) develop a repository of existing and newly-developed frameworks, processes, tools, and other resources; 5) support sharing of resources including publication of white papers and journal articles about improvement science pedagogies and organizational outcomes; and 6) create a network of critical friends to EdD program designers or instructors.  


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