About CPED

The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) is a Consortium of over 80 colleges and schools of education, which have committed resources to work together to undertake a critical examination of the doctorate in education (EdD) through dialog, experimentation, critical feedback and evaluation.


The vision of the Consortium is to transform the EdD (referred to as a Professional Practice Doctorate within the Consortium) into the degree of choice for preparing the next generation of practitioner experts and school (K-12) college leaders in Education, especially those who will generate new knowledge and scholarship about educational practice (or related policies) and will have responsibility for stewarding the Education profession.


To accomplish this vision, the mission of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) is to improve the efficacy and reliability of the professional doctorate in education for the advanced preparation of school practitioners and clinical faculty, academic leaders and professional staff for the nation’s schools, colleges and the learning organizations that support them. This is done by redesigning all aspects of EdD programs including: curriculum, assessments, admissions, etc.

To this end, the Consortium does not offer a prescription for professional practice preparation programs. Rather, we honor the local context of the school of education as well as those constituents who are served by our member programs. As a result the Consortium created the following principles and architecture to inform professional practice preparation program development.

Definition of the EdD:

"The professional doctorate in education prepares educators for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession."

A set of Working Principles that frame program development; and

A set of Design Concepts that represent the core components of EdD preparation.

Evolution of CPED


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